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We curate and compose our spaces with "simply + rewarding" in mind...Focusing on healthy haircare practices based in science and experiential wisdom, we produce the warm, yet refreshing bespoke experiences we are endearingly known for.

Glow Gurl Intensive Remedy, Miracle Growth Serum
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GLOW Hair Care Education Series


Unlocking Your Hair Goals: A Lifestyle Approach to Hair Care Success Embarking on a journey...

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Here are some chief signs your hair is telling you that it needs a hair...

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The regular consumption of these two naturally-derived ingredients will not only help to improve the appearance of your accessory organs (hair, skin, and nails), but will also: help your body fight off short-term viral infections; boost your mood...
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Today, we are going to break the curse of “product junkism”. We are going to...

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Whether it's braids, crochets, twists, or weaves, we all get them… Protective styles are oftentimes used to “give your hair a break” from styling, but oftentimes, we use “protective styling” to give us a REST from taking care of it.
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