Are you suffering from calcium overload?

Are you suffering from calcium overload?

We think it is safe to say that everyone reading this has encountered “product build-up” in some form or another. If you’ve never experienced it, more than likely, you just didn’t know it.

Be it on our hair, scalp, or skin, we’ve had to ‘exfoliate’ it, ‘deep cleanse’ it, or ‘rinse’ product build-up away using many ways.

In this article, we do not plan to address traditional forms of “product build-up”. We plan to address a type of build-up that not only impacts our hair health, but our overall health as well. It’s a “thing” that is oftentimes unconsciously accepted and overlooked. With awareness, we get to adjust and take care of things from the “root” of the issue. 

Here at GLOW Hair Care, we believe that simple positive adjustments and acts of discipline can make a world of difference in our lives. Given that, our aim is to increase our community's knowledge and understanding of care practices that promote sustainability.


Calcium overload is an uncontrolled and undetected silent predator of hair loss and unwarranted shedding - when you are unaware of it. If you are unsure if you may be experiencing calcium overload on your scalp, it may be best to visit a trained hair professional or trichologist who studies and is experienced in such cases.


Although good for the bones, calcium may be blocking you from the thick, healthy strands you deserve. If unchecked and unbalanced, too much calcium on the scalp could be choking or restricting the blood vessels needed for healthy growth – turning these once open, pliable instruments of health into inflexible and unresponsive tools blocked from oxygen. All of our cells require oxygen to thrive, and the cells on our scalp are no different. Please continue reading if you are interested in learning more about calcium overload, its potential causes, and how to remedy it towards a balanced scalp….

So, what is calcium overload? 
Calcium overload is the process through which your scalp absorbs and retains more calcium than it should. The calcium blocks blood vessels, which in turn become stiff, and it greatly reduces blood flow throughout the scalp. Blood flow is essential to hair health and wellness.

Is this a permanent condition? 
No, it’s not. This can be resolved. However, to understand what will help to rectify calcium overload and its impact to your hair, we have to understand the cause of the condition. As you continue to read, you will see some causes discussed in this article. We urge you to visit a health care professional if you feel you may be currently suffering from calcium overload.

So, what causes calcium overload in the scalp and skin?
Your scalp may be absorbing and holding onto more calcium on the scalp than it should. Most often this is due to one of two explanations – and in other cases, it can be both.

      • Hard water: Water unfiltered for mineral deposits (aka hard water), when mixed with most shampoo formulas, creates “soap scum”. Soap scrum (a type of product build-up) will hold onto your hair, scalp, and skin, leaving a film that often time needs detergents formulated to “strong cleanse” the hair and skin to rinse off. If left untreated, the product build-up will compound over time, creating an unhealthy environment restricting the continuation of healthy hair growth. Due to its external nature, you will need to adjust the water and/or products used to offset this issue.
      • Excess calcium in the body and in the bloodstream -: Calcium is a solidifying element. It is found primarily in our bones and teeth and is necessary for the health of both structures. Calcium can also be found in the bloodstream and muscles, but too much of it (known as hypercalcemia) can lead to calcium deposits and buildup in places (like our blood vessels in the scalp) where it can cause harm like poor follicle function, hair loss and thinning. Due to its internal nature, you will need to take on internal measures of health to counter this issue like drinking water. Severe dehydration (i.e. having less fluid in your body) is a common cause of elevated levels of calcium in the bloodstream due to increased concentration levels. 

According to MayoClinic, we not only need to worry about our hair when it comes to calcium overload, but should also keep in mind that it can wreak havoc on other organs as well. If you are experiencing bone weakness, excessive thirst and urination, brain fog, depression or any of the symptoms cited here, then we would implore you to visit your doctor and test for calcium overload. Hydration is key – let’s get in our daily ounces of water consistently to ensure overall balance and health.

How do we reverse the effects and prevent calcium overload in our scalp and skin?
Your scalp and hair thrive in an oxygenated environment. Oxygen provides the fuel needed to build hair by way of functioning and healthy blood vessels. Given that, we need to work to increase the function of the scalp’s blood vessels to carry oxygen to the scalp.  

To balance the absorption of calcium and minimize the harmful impact of calcium overload:

      • First, try incorporating a filtered water showerhead into your cleansing routine. We have one we recommend. The AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter, not only does it improve the condition and softness of your hair and skin, but it also helps with dry itchy skin due to the mineral deposits it filters from the hard water. 
      • Second, try shampoos/cleansers formulated to remove “soap scum” and product build-up from the scalp. Chelating shampoos are specially formulated to remove such mineral deposits from the scalp and hair. We love the Hard Water Wellness Shampoo by Malibu C – Malibu C is known for its vitamin-rich cleansing formulas. Your hair will be properly cleaned of mineral deposits while the formula helps to enrich the hair with antioxidants to reveal hair brilliance. You can also use natural remedies like apple cider vinegar and baking soda; however, these methods may interrupt your hair’s pH balance and may require additional hair balancing knowledge and effort. 
      • Next, you may incorporate leave-in formulas into your regimen that are fortified with magnesium to help balance your skin and scalp. Magnesium naturally reduces calcium’s footprint and retention in the skin.  Our in-house formula, REMEDY Miracle ReGrowth Serum, is jampacked with cold-pressed, organically produced herbs and botanicals rich in magnesium to influence maximum efficacy and to give your hair the nutrients it needs to balance its way to thicker, longer hair. For best results, you can apply REMEDY directly to the scalp and massage for 3-8 minutes, three to five times a week. For added results, feel free to add a derma roller to accelerate results. 
      • Lastly, but most important, eat foods high in magnesium to help to reduce absorption from the inside out. Nuts like, almonds, cashews or peanuts are easy to add to your diet for a quick boost of magnesium. Or you can try, spinach, avocado, raisins, or wheat, etc. To ensure optimal vitamin and mineral health, we recommend liquid vitamin, Passion4Life Mega Liquid. The ingredient list does not include any GMOs, soy, wheat, or dairy in its formulation, making it acceptable for most dietary restrictions. It is also aloe-vera based making it soothing for the digestive tract and good for hair, skin, nails.


Don’t let something as preventive as calcium overload steal your hair goals and joys. Use the abovementioned remedies today to ensure healthy hair and scalp on its way to fuller, thicker, longer hair.

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