Tips to avoid the flat iron after a silk press.

Tips to avoid the flat iron after a silk press.

Struggling with keeping your silk press bouncy and frizz-free? Well, you’re not the only one. Your silk press may be frizzy for a myriad of reasons but let us help you get it back in tact with no extra heat applied.

Oh the joys of having, bouncy, flowy, silky hair after an amazing silk press service. But how do we maintain it after the service?! 
First, your hair has to avoid water and humidity (like the Otherwise, “hello frizz”.  With this chemical-free service, there is no time for hot showers or cardio without the proper gear and preparation. 


  • So what do we do to prepare for avoidable hair reversion?

  • What can we do when your hair frizzes up?

  • How do we avoid a “quick pass” of the flat iron to keep our hair intact?


Here we will give you a few tips to maintain a silk press after the salon:

Tip # 1:

Want to keep that soft curl and bounce in your hair expertly placed by your hair care professional? Try adding 4-5 flexirods into your nighttime routine instead of the traditional wrapping of your hair. How you place the rollers are not especially important, but what you should focus on is keeping the hair neat around the roller while directing the roller toward the crown/middle of your head. Keep the base of where your roller ends up away from your edges or nape/neck.

Tip # 2:

Before your next gym session, place your hair into ponytails, bunned and away from the base of your head. As you perspire, your hair will be in a stretched state. After your workout, wait for your hair to dry in place before letting out the ponytails. This will allow your hair to dry and stay in a stretched state.

Tip #3:

Hair “sweated out” before you had a chance to bun it or place it in flexirods? You have a few options here: 1) you can transition your style into a bouncy flexiset using about 10-15 rollers; or 2) you can work to stretch your hair back, use a dime-sized amount of a silicone-based product, wrap it for a day, and comb down as usual. This will help to calm down the fizz. For better results -  go under a hooded dryer while wrapped and with mild heat for about 15 mins, and then comb down as usual.


At GLOW Hair Care, our aim is to provide information in the effort of making taking care of ourselves simple, and rewarding. Let us know if there is anything regarding hair care and its science that you would like us to address……

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