Debunking Myths: Wash Day Quiz

Debunking Myths: Wash Day Quiz
Admit it! We all want healthy, thick, luxurious hair. The type of hair that crowns our heads in ways God knows best…

In looking to achieve this, we invest in shampoos, conditioners, and growth potions that promise results, sometimes to no benefit….

And frankly, we are tired of “big chopping”, and starting all over again.” 
If you care to explore, let us share with you common hair care myths that may be keeping you from achieving the crown you deserve….

Take this hair quiz with us and test your knowledge on “wash day 101”.

Not washing my hair enough will damage my hair. 

Traditional shampoos are formulated to trap the oils, debris and residue from the hair and rinse clean from the hair with water.

If you use shampoo too frequently it will result in drier hair than normal, especially is that shampoo is not formulated to impart moisture back into the hair. Dry hair, most often leads to breakage. However, if you do not wash your hair enough, this can also lead to damage. 

“Why” you say?... Leaving excessive oil and dirt on the scalp and hair can suffocate and inhibit flow of oxygen needed for your hair to thrive. Work with a professional to figure out and understand what is best for your hair. The “trick’ is to find a shampoo/conditioning routine and frequency that works for you, your lifestyle, and hair needs. Couple that with good-quality products that gives your hair what it needs and you will be rewarded with a strong foundation to achieving the hair of your dreams.

Shampoo oily hair daily. 

A contradiction to the first myth, but still false. Washing oily hair daily is counterproductive.

No, we do not mean to confuse you. At the beginning of your hair journey and as you begin to develop a hair regimen that works for you, the keywords you should focus on are “consistency" and “balance”. 

Over-washing strips your hair and scalp of sebum, a naturally occurring oil the body excretes from our skin. Remembering “balance” helps you to avoid “over washing” as this erroneous practice will force your body to over-compensate and produce more oil, resulting in a vicious cycle. If you enjoy a lifestyle that requires you to wash your hair more often, then we would like to invite you to wash your hair every other day with a quality shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for your hair type and hair needs.

Natural oils should NOT be used for healthier hair.

There is an ongoing debate that oils should not be used in natural hair as a means of healthy hair care. We believe each head of hair should be treated individually, and treatment should be customized to what that head of hair says it needs. In our direct experience, we have experienced oils doing wonders on the hair; while there are other cases where oils can inhibit hair progression.
There are many cultures and groups of people that historically enjoy long, full hair in their tribes and by happenstance also use oils as a daily practice in their beauty and wellness regimens. On the other side, there are groups of people, who do not use oils and also enjoy beautiful, long, healthy hair. Natural oils like avocado and coconut, when used in a professional hair product, can do wonders for your hair. Used alone, they may be too heavy, leaving behind a residue that can be hard to wash out. We say –  if you are unsure as to what is best for your hair, work with a well-versed hair care professional to see what may be best for your individual strands. 

Towel-drying/Air-drying is better than blow-drying. 

Using a hairdryer at the right temperature and right distance can be better for your hair than towel-drying. When in doubt and if you prefer air-drying, find a soft-fiber towel or T-shirt to blot dry your hair as the friction from a traditional towel can be rough toward your hair and can lead to unnecessary hair breakage.

Change your hair products every six months. 

It is a common belief that our hair gets used to products, making them less effective over time. In actuality, if you switch products too often it may throw off the pH balance of your hair and scalp, which can produce consequences contrary to your desire. pH imbalance can lead to dry scalp, problems with moisture retention, hair breakage. Let’s call it what it is – when we haven’t found a product that does what we expect for our hair, we look to try something new. Other times it may be trend hype or “fomo” that urges us to try out a new product. Our recommendation – work with a professional that can suggest a hair regimen and products that are formulated to treat the current condition of your hair. Be in partnership with a trusted professional so when it is time to change a product, they are able to see the signs and direct you appropriately. Moreover, give your products a chance to work – if you are not seeing beneficial results after 2 months of using a product in the way it was intended, then look to switch off. 

So how did we do? Have you learned something new? Did we confirm what you already knew? We would love for you to share with us...


At GLOW Hair Care, our aim is to provide information in the effort of making taking care of ourselves simple (as it can be), and rewarding. Let us know if there is anything regarding hair care and its science that you would like us to address……

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